Evetco Oy

 We are a Finnish industrial company specialized in machining. We provide high quality services with exact delivery times. Customer’s needs are our main focus in everything we do. We aim to promote success of our customers. Our management system fulfills the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and is certified by DNV.

Our main line of business is machining. We have invested in modern state of the art milling boring machines. With qualified personnel, top of the line machines and well organized temperature controlled production facilities we can provide even the most demanding machining services. We machine from one-off products to long production series. You can see our milling boring machines here or see our prospect in English.

Turnkey deliveries are our second line of business. We can provide different kinds of deliveries with part manufacuring, assembly, welding, machining, painting, electrical and hydraulic installations and so forth. The extensiveness of manufacturing operations and choice of disciplines is always planned according to customer’s needs. The wide network of experienced partners enables us to execute multidiscipline projects and other deliveries.

Evetco Oy has two workshops with well equipped manufacturing spaces. The workshop with the machining department is located at Volttitie 18 in Rauma and the assembly and welding workshop at Latomäentie 2 in Rauma. We also rent these premises to our customers and offer warehousing service. Warehousing can be outdoors, indoors or in warm spaces. We have customs warehouse at our Volttitie facility.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for You.

You can download our company prospect from here.

Toni Lehtinen – International sales (languages FIN, ENG, GER, RUS)
Phone: +358 44 766 6977
Address: Volttitie 18
26100 Rauma, FINLAND

Machining workshop 3200 m2 with lifting capacity 2×10 t, 20 t and 25 t
Volttitie 18, Rauma

Welding and assembly workshop 3200 m2 with lifting capacity 3×10 t, 16 t and 25 t and office and social space 680 m2
Latomäentie 2, Rauma